SERVICES is a web platform dedicated to the promotion of businesses, in the property of Javen Advertising.

This is the only web platform in Macedonia that offers this kind of online, comprehensive advertising of businesses.

In, all registered businesses can create their own business page on which you can enter basic contact information, information about their products and services and promotional offers.


Javen Agro – business is a web application intended for the agricultural sector and it targets all agricultural entities, individual farmers and legal entities.

The purpose of this application is the advancement of the agricultural industry sector by connecting several interested parties: the farmers and the agro businesses. One of the main functionalities of this application is to facilitate the supply and demand of agricultural products.

This application is supported by the Fund for innovation and technological development.


Design and creation of web pages for businesses from different industries and sizes. Our web solutions are made according to Your needs and requirements, with top notch functionality.

We also develop web pages for e-commerce. We are proud of our delivered solutions so don’t hesitate to contact us to see our portfolio!


We help you build the unique identity of your business: from developing a carefully crafted and analytical marketing strategy by professionals with advanced marketing degrees, to the creation of your  logo and catchy slogan, we’ve got you covered!

With our help, you’ll be Javen (famous)! 


Professional guidance, creation of fan pages on social networks (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) and maintenance of social networks are just some of the digital tasks that you can entrust us with.

We also create and run social media campaigns targeting the users that you need, ensuring that all the relevant content and information about the company and your products or services reaches your target audience.


Despite the social media boom, email marketing remains crucially relevant for product placement.

We offer carefully thought email marketing campaigns by sending informative emails to a large but select number of potential customers, with the aim of attracting and informing customers about the activities and products or services of your company.


We offer a complete design of web pages and software applications, the creation of a logo, as well as preparation of flyers, brochures and catalogs. We also offer preparation of images and photos according to your requirements, and creation of short videos.


Software applications designed for the different sectors of your business. We can translate Your project or idea into an application that will help you quickly and efficiently to reach your goals.